Little Girl, Big Attitude 

The Story of Little Girl, Big Attitude Chocolates

You know how we always blame things on our parents - this time it was a good thing! My Mom, Goldie Zadra would visit me in Arizona each winter and spend her time baking her little heart out. One winter, she decided that she and I should learn to make molded chocolates. We went to the store and purchased chocolate and molds and that is how my passion for becoming a chocolatier began; more than 25 years ago. Chocolate was always a hobby until 2001 when I created my chocolate company.

The Naming of a Company ~

One evening a little puppy showed up at my fence at home. My three German Shepherd dogs ran to the fence and started barking at her and that little puppy stood up to the fence and barked right back at them! How could such a little dog have such a big attitude? I met her outside the fence and found she did not have any tags on her collar. I diligently tried to find who she belonged to. I was unsuccessful in locating her family and decided she was meant to join my family. So it was that little girl with such a big attitude that inspired the name for my chocolate company. I named that little girl Patchez and she is now a member of my
Board of Directors.

Our Mission ~

I continue to honor Patchez and my Mother. It is Patchez's face you see on my logo and the Patchez Goldiez is my Mom's confectionary creation and is named after her. I guess I could blame something else on my parents - the importance of giving back. This company that was inspired by my Mom, Goldie and named after my puppy, Patchez is committed to donating a portion of all chocolate sales to local dog rescue organizations.

Our Family grows ~

In 2010 we added a few more names to our company! Beverly Adams joined Patchez and I as the Chief Inspiration Officer. Beverly coordinates packaging, marketing, gift baskets and whatever else we need her help with. She brings along with her a love of animals which includes her rescued Shepard Mix, Oliver. In 2012 we added Oliver's Oreos to the holiday menu (mint oreos hand-dipped in dark chocolate).

Therese & Patchez

If you would like more information about Litttle Girl, Big Attitude Chocolates please email or call (480)980-3732

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